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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Voco - The Walcott Sessions
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Voco - The Walcott Sessions Say Bok Gwai, Chink In The Armor
The Walcott Sessions
CD $10

Voco strives to push the edges of music and the conventional expectations of the power trio. Drawing on an extensive wealth of musical and thematic influences stretching deep into the past, and far into the imagined future, VOCO puts forth 10 original compositions that contort conventional riff-based instrumental rock as they shift genre, tempo, time signature, and dynamics. Listeners will find themselves entrapped in Zappa-esqe guitar solos, beaten by Norwegian Black Metal influenced blast beats, and stimulated with sounds spanning from delicate soft passages to atmospheric re-entry. VOCO is comprised of guitar, bass and drums but frequently enlist guests from the local experimental jazz scene, and modular synthesis sound laboratories. Improvisation is a core element of the band's composition process, as well as live performance. VOCO's music is written to challenge, expand, and develop the artists' vision of instrumental and cinematic music. Walcott Sessions is a window to VOCO's musical world that captures a moment in the bands constant evolution of composition and improvisation.

Alex Yeung- guitar
Tim Sullivan- drums
Josh Martin- bass

Guest Musicians
Chris U- analog synthesizer
Joshua Marshall- tenor saxophone

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