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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Jim Ryan - The Ghost Dog Tour Compliation

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Jim Ryan's Where Are They? and Ghost Dog Tour Compilation and get at an additional $5.00 off
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Jim Ryan's Forward Energy - Where Are They? Jim Ryan - The Ghost Dog Tour Compliation
Jim Ryan
The Ghost Dog Tour Compliation
CD $12

Download Part 1 of the Ghost Dog Tour Companion Narrative Documents:
A trip to the underground of cutting-edge music, the Ghost Dog Tour features eleven carefully honed works from over twelve hours of live recordings made during May and June 2007 in six U.S. cities: St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, Urbana IL, Columbus OH, and New York. Jim Ryan traveled by bus, hooking up with advanced players (over two dozen), sometimes gathered under his Forward Energy banner, and sometimes as guest performer with local groups. This 73+ minute CD exemplifies the vitality of the will to musical creation that remains hidden beneath the slick commercial flim-flam that is pushed down the throat of the average music buying public.
- Saftig von Heimlischbaden

Jim Ryan - alto & tenor saxophones, flute, spoken word
in order of appearance...
Dan Godston - trumpet, percussion
Joel Wanek - doublebass
Douglas R. Ewart - digeridoo, percussion
Mankwe Ndosi - voice
J. Otis Powell - words
Steve Hirsh - drums
Jerome Bryerton - drums
Jason Finkleman - percussion
Jay Eychaner - sythesizer
Tom Paynter - keyboard, flute
Gerard Cox - fender hodes
Hasan Rrazzaq - alto sax
Owen Kelly - guitar
Dude from Youngstown - alto sax
Ryan Jewel - drums
Bruce Eisenbeil - acoustic guitar
Lisle Ellis - bass
Dave Sewelson - baritone sax
Dee Pop - drums
Dave Hofstra - doublebass
Blaise Siwula - tenor/alto sax
Robyn Siwula - violin
Marcus Cummins - soprano sax
Chris Welcome - guitar
Jeffrey Shurdut - piano
Tom Zlabinger - doublebass
Brian Osborne - drums

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it all, Jim's husky, sometimes searing, often smokey sax lines are the standout, taking charge on the impenetrable wall of chaos on the Velvet Lounge track from Chicago, or the Zappa-ish improv recorded at the Iron Post in Urbana. - Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"The Trio performance at the Clown Lounge also features Godston’s straining trumpet and Wanek’s dirge-like basslines, the sum total reminiscent of Anthony Braxton, whose large ensembles typically include myriad saxophones. Yet Ryan manages a similar brass menagerie with what seems to be only one sax." - Andrea Canter, Contributing Editor, Jazz Police

"What must be remembered is the half-poignant, half-raging sax voice of Ryan, an instrumentalist whose respectable expertise is at the same level of his commitment to the hard core of the purest free improvisation, and the absolute flexibility of all the involved players, who - be it on a demagnetized cassette or in some more acceptable recording medium - sound like if the future depended on the ability to sideswipe genres, thus remaining delivered from categorical impositions."
- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes