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The Mission, The Manifesto
Edgetone Records was founded by musician/producer, Rent Romus. The label took shape in 1991 to support his group’s original jazz recordings. After being on a long hiatus Rent re-opened Edgetone in January 2000 and expanded it to support avant-garde and experimental music and recordings crossing the genre boundaries specifically for D.I.Y. (do it yourself) artists looking for a ground base and community label identity.

The community of musicians on Edgetone are those who do not want to compromise their vision to fit into a narrow definition of "commercially viable”, or necessarily take on standard genre tags. They are those that believe in their efforts and work to see them through creative business mechanisms to support their ideas and dreams. The artists of Edgetone have what it takes to stand on their own and seek the need to expand their support.

Unlike many music corporate structures that mimic a parasite, Edgetone is dedicated to a symbiotic relationship between artist and itself by releasing recordings by artists who are “self-producers”, show a clear proactive interest in working in a community environment with empowerment as the base, a mind for business, and not just looking for the “deal”. Edgetone does not just "put out" records, it supports artists.

Every dollar spent on an Edgetone CD goes to support the artist’s creation. There will never be any non-musician administrators, secretaries, managers, or CEOs to receive one cent of your purchase. The artist who puts out their hard work receives the majority of the sale. A minimal percentage goes back into Edgetone to make it possible to continue to support their works. Edgetone supports the artists without sonic compromise or preconception.

Album, song, or any miscellaneous titles or names appearing in or on works licensed by Edgetone Records are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

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