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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Tri-Cornered Tent Show - Alien Trailways
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 Tri-Cornered Tent Show presents...The Foolkiller  Tri-Cornered Tent Show - Alien Trailways
Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Alien Trailways
CD $12

Alien Trailways from Tri-Cornered Tent Show continues their journey though sci-fi space jazz psychedelic, world chant, and lo-fi electronics that nods to both a Lovecraftian past and the future of Sun-RA and Philip K. Dick. The Tent Show is joined by the deep soul voice of T. Pope from San Diego California. She has intensely studied the singing tradition of the Siberian shaman, the Mongolian overtone and undertone-voice; the katajag singing of the Inuit, Indian, and African guttural pressed techniques which require the highest precision and power.

Philip Everett - autoharp, electronics, percussion
Ray Schaeffer - electric basses
Anthony Flores - drumset, percussion
T. Pope - vocals, lyrics, drone FX

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"This is not a revivalist depiction of the good old days based upon a setting where Dr. Smith’s miracle elixir was the fodder for tent-shows across the western regions of the United States. On the contrary, these musicians morph a slice of Americana into a surreal Dali-esque sequence of psychodramas, heaping with acoustic-electric abstracts and San Diego denizen, Toni Pope’s unorthodox vocals." - Glenn Astarita, EJAZZ News