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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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James Freeman - Echoes of Nature

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James Freeman - Echoes of Nature II James Freeman - Echoes of Nature III
James Freeman
Echoes of Nature
CD $12

These compositions arise from a meditative wellspring, listening to the musicality of nature, then traveling beyond. A kaleidoscope of birds, crickets, ocean waves, flute, violin, and viola, float over atmospheric synthesizers. As a result of mathematically derived shifting modality, a powerful, relentless calm pervades the music. Extraordinary soloists, Yehudit: www.yehudit.com, Nika Rejto: www.nikarejto.com, and Mads Tolling: www.madstolling.com, soar over the musical tapestry. Their unbridled imaginations dance with the auditory experience.

James Freeman - field recordings, synthesizers
Nika Rejto - flute, piccolo, bass flute
Yehudit - violin, viola

Special guest Mad Tolling - violin

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"Freeman's slow moving low-end synth swells married with high-end fast arpeggios and scale runs contrast the ocean waves in a spectacular way that is hypnotic. I had the pleasure of listening to "Echoes of Nature" first thing in the early AM, and it was quite rewarding. Musically fulfilling in-the-moment, and somehow continuing to be functional post-listen as I felt a sense of calmness afterward." - Chain D.L.K.