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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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TheeAnnoying - composition I
Special Value
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TheeAnnoying - composition I 15 Degrees Below Zero, Resting on A
composition I
CD $12

This is the debut CD release from TheeAnnoying. Composition I is a bold and expressive statement of sounds designed to push the envelope of what it means to play rock music in an age where information overload and deep chaos reigns supreme. The group sums it all up by paraphrasing Baudrillard: "power in the future will be for those who know they have no nation, no home."

Ten Ticklish Ants - guitar, vocals
M. Mersereau - bass, vocals, samples
D.A. Leech - percussion

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"TheeAnnoying do not, in fact, annoy, but impress. Their brand of noisy, minimal post-rock blends humor, mild disgust and rant; "Composition I" is a confident, experimental debut worth its grit." - Mike Wood Music Emissions

"Information overload and chaos are the inspiration for this Bay Area trio's noisy rock interpretations. All the songs (numbered movements) flow into each other to form Composition I, their debut. Guitar, bass, percussion, samples, and vocals are used to great effect in this WTF CD."
- humana, KFJC 89.7 FM

"This album can be appreciated on the visceral level alone. The songs throb with excess power. They are pulsating creatures of beauty. Then the deft lyrics and sampled commentaries take the "movements" to the level of greatness. If this doesn't move you, then you need to find some Metamucil or something. Mindfuckingly awesome."- J. Worley Aiding and Abetting