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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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gal*in_dog with Charlotte Hug, Lift


Special Value
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gal*in_dog with Charlotte Hug, Lift Matt Davignon - "Bwoo"

gal*in_dog with Charlotte Hug
CD $13

Charlotte Hug, Swiss born and gal*in_dog aka guillermo galindo, born in Mexico City met at the XIV Sound Symposium in Newfoundland Canada 2006. Both of them trained under the Western classical music tradition, adopting similar musical paths through unconventional playing techniques and merging fragments of their own cultural backgrounds into two original, 21st century musical voices.
Lift is an invitation to ride over a third musical rail into primal territories. This CD is a combination of alternative musical ideas, which are surprising to both the listener and the musicians themselves.
Lift is more than just a musical exploration. This pristine recording is a dialogue between two experimental musicians of different cultural backgrounds returning to their primeval roots in a time of virtual migration and cultural technosis.

gal*in_dog - Maiz a kinetic sonic structure
Charlotte Hug - of viola and voice

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"...the dreamed sensation of being somewhere that your mind knows you haven’t visited, yet you feel as though it is a memory nonetheless." - Dave X, Startling Moniker