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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 E. Doctor Smith The DrummstickCD $13

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 E. Doctor Smith The Drummstick 2  E. Doctor Smith The Drummstick

E. Doctor Smith
The Drummstick

Having played for 20 years in jazz, fusion, pop, and folk bands as a serious student of drums, E. Doctor Smith developed a love of digital drumming that compelled him to design and build an instrument that would give him maximum flexibility as a writer, drummer, and performer. The Drummstick, a percussion controller with 16 finger-pads mounted on a 2 x 6 piece of wood, is worn like a guitar and used exclusively to achieve Doc’s primary goal in life— to make spirits dance.
“From the banjo-meets-Bruford tribal groove of 'Futureboy' to the atmospheric sonic landscapes of “Girl of a Thousand Days,” E. Doctor Smith treads a musical road less traveled. His intrepid ensemble’s acid jazz explorations wander into every world musical nook and cranny, making this collection a trip well worth taking.”
-Stephen Bray, Producer

Listen to: Brother X from The Drummstick

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E. Doctor Smith - The Drummstick
Celia DuBose, Bass and Vocals
Jack Wright, Guitars
Neil Mezebish, MIDI Sax and Flute
Eric Dahlman, Trumpet/Jamman
Carlos Augustus, Guitar Synthesizer
Siobhan Canty, Vocals/Jamman
Seth Elgart, Synthesizers
Chris Gulino, Banjo on “Futureboy”