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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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A Jazzheads/Edgetone Release
Rent Romus' Life's Blood Trio - Blood Motions
Special Value
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Rent Romus' Life's Blood - Truth Teller Rent Romus' Life's Blood Trio - Blood Motions
Rent Romus' Life's Blood Trio
Blood Motions
CD $12

Blood Motions is Rent Romus' tribute to those musicians who touched his life through listening while growing up. Along with some of the best young Danish jazz talent, Stephen Pasborg drums and Jonas Westergaard bass, Romus wields his horn in and out of originals written while in Copenhagen and some unique and memorable standards.

Rent Romus – alto & soprano saxophones
Jonas Westergaard – double bass
Stefan Pasborg – drums

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"Romus swings like death and hell."
- The late Jack Lind, Danish radio, literary, and industry personality

"...fresh honkin’ squalkin’ screamin’ Saxophone displays"
- David Richoux, KFJC FM

"[Romus] is most impressive on ‘Better Git’. Using his
best Hank-Crawford- out-of-John- Handy tone, he manages to play both the solo and the backing figures from the original performance. "Lunch" is treated unusually as well. Starting with a fusty, Dixieland sound he doubles its concentration by playing alto and soprano at the same
time, at one point even getting involved in duetting with himself."
- Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly